Building a tapeless Workflow system

‚ÄčOur experience in designing and building a tapeless workflow platform covers all the aspect of the platform, For the Foundation of the system storage which could be any type or architecture like SAN, NAS or clustered type. It largely depends on the project requirment and circumstances to suggest what type of architecture suite the demand , For price performance small to mid size post production facilities we recommend SAN storage systems, For larger tapeless archiving based facilities we recoomend the large file system clustered storage based systems.

For The media asset management software for the platform we recommend different systems depends on the work flow needed.

The Enterprise media asset management system is very vital in expanding and integrating with the other facility sections and divisions like , Commercials on air sales, Play out and presentations, News, Third party post production systems, Online streaming and cloud publishing ,.. and so on.

We Are happy to present our designs and experience so please if you have any requirment do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultancy service.